Whether it’s a Nexus 6, or a Nexus X, there’s definitely going to be a new Nexus. What it looks like and when it will be released is not yet known but apparently Chinese manufacturers are starting to flood online marketplace AliExpress with cases for the ‘Nexus 6’ with ‘renders’ of the phone included.

The phone in the renders is slightly different to the Nexus 5, but with similar design stylings. The camera has moved to the middle and now has a dual-tone flash.

It’s got a smaller bezel beneath the screen, but really it’s all just conjecture. The screenshot included contains none of the usual hints that this would be an ‘official’ Nexus render, the wallpaper is different to that of the Android L preview, the date is meaningless and there’s no clear shot of the time, but it seems off.

Normally we don’t like to show these sorts of things, but hey, it’s Nexus and it’s interesting to look at nonetheless. You can check out a heap of the products on AliExpress right now – and even buy some if you want.

Update: Seems the phone in the pictures is from a fan concept render, you can check it out here.


Source: AliExpress.
Via: TKTechNews.
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While some of those renders are quite poor, have a look at the back of the device here:

It has a very similar back as the Moto X fused with the overall nexus shape. Looks promising.


The time of 10:30 (convert to Oct 30th) matches pretty close to the expected launch/announcement of October 31st (Halloween) – perhaps either the announcement or the sale could be one day earlier. I can’t wait….

David Fulde

TKTechNews is the second least reliable source right now IMO

Damon Lewis

I didn’t see it was from TK.

It looks fake to me but knowing it came from TK makes me believe even stronger that it’s fake.

Daniel Tyson

All the products are up on AliExpress, but the render is quite dodgy.


Please let the camera be excellent.


horribly fake screen rendering, that bold hour paired with thin minute formula is very jellybean.


It reminds me of the LG G3! Perhaps it is based on the G3 and LG built. Look at that design and Screen/Bezel Ratio


they are some nice looking cases… wait, OH the phone!
Interesting its showing what i would class as the Nexus 7 dock, with 7 applicaitons slots.
And here i was thinking the Moto X was an easy and obvious choice for me next.


The navigation buttons don’t match L either.


I think it’s a safe bet that it’ll be 5.2″ with minimal bezels and that Nexus curve. It’s a nice little guess. It’ll be something like this.

And it’s a nice reminder that despite other cool phones about, this is what I really want.