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The Australia Post Digital Mailbox service is finally available to Android users. The service delivers digital copies of certain correspondence such as bills, rates, general correspondence and statements from registered providers to an app on your device. While to some it may seem a simple solution, get your service providers to email you bills; for some it’s not that easy. The MyPost Digital service is a stepping stone for users who potentially don’t get online much, don’t necessarily check their email when they are online any maybe aren’t that comfortable with paying online either although you can pay online through the app if you wish.

There’s a list that Australia Post publish on the benefits of their Digital Post rather than traditional snail mail

  • Access any time, anywhere via any device with an internet connection
  • Free account, including 1GB of personal document storage
  • Control who sends you mail and avoid spam or phishing emails
  • One-click bill payments, payment reminders and automatic payments
  • High levels of security, including encrypted communications
  • All documents stored in Australia by Australia Post (for anyone working in Government this is a requirement of document storage)

It’s great that they have finally remembered that Android users are out there and made the service (which has been available and marketed to iOS users for around 6 months now) available. When I contacted them via email asking about an Android App in June this year they offered some outstanding advice

Yes. Australia Post Digital MailBox can be accessed via any device with an internet connection.
We are currently working on a native Android App and this should be completed later in the year.

For the best experience with Australia Post Digital MailBox download the Australia Post Digital MailBox app for iPad and iPhone from the App Store or use a recommended web browser;

MyPost Digital Mailbox
MyPost Digital Mailbox

For their target market, this is a service that Auspost needed to launch and no doubt has cost benefits for them also. Many providers are happy to send bills via email, but with more and more email coming in it’s becoming easy to miss that one important email here or there. If you think this service is for you, grab the app from the link above and register for your digital mailbox now.

Some users say it’s nothing but another email box, some say it’s a worthwhile service to customers. Have your say below

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    Important info you missed, from the current version you linked to on Google Play. Australia Post have shoved the beta version of the Android app into the wild. Not a ‘finished’ version of the app. startquote Beta This version of the MyPost Digital Mailbox App is a beta release. Although we don’t anticipate any problems, we must remind all early adopters that the App is not quite finished, and there is a very slight chance something may go wrong. If you’re happy to help us out by giving constructive feedback on how to make the App better, we’d greatly appreciate… Read more »