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Many of us use our mobile phones to listen to music and are always after the best listening experience we can get. If you are in search of this, as I am, Bose have today introduced a new series of in-ear audio headphones with a specific model aimed at Samsung Galaxy phones. The headphones offer “superior audio reproduction, features that are ideal for mobile devices, and a variant for select Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad models and Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets.”

Bose have included TriPort® technology to the headphones which apparently delivers “full, balanced sound” and the music “sounds smooth and rich, with detail and clarity.” Of course there is nothing to backup these statements but considering Bose’s experience with audio speakers you would expect it to be true. There are two models introduced, the SoundTrue™ and the SoundSport™, with both models coming in an Apple iOS version and a Samsung Galaxy version.

The SoundTrue™ headphones come with inline remote and microphone allowing hands-free (ie. not holding your phone) navigation of your music as well as phone calls. They come in black, white and cranberry coloured versions although the Samsung compatible model only comes in black which is disappointing. Where this “Samsung compatible” model works just as well with other Android phones is unknown and we hope to test that our in the near future with a review model. All models come with a sturdy carry case that looks well built. The audio only model will have a RRP of $99.95 and the Samsung/Apple compatible models will set you back $129.95.

The SoundSport™ headphones are, as you would expect from the name, a more rugged model, built specifically for exercise. The acoustic ports in the ear buds are covered with a hydrophobic cloth that keeps moisture (ie. sweat) out while letting sound pass through. The headphones are a robust build encompassing both strength and flexibility. Once again the Android faithful get the raw end of the deal with the Samsung version arriving in green only while our friends in the iOS camp can enjoy the headphones in blue, orange or green. Once again all come with a carry case. The SoundSport™ headphones retail for $149.95 and we also hope to test these soon as well to see if the headphones are worth the outlay.

Both headphones are available now from Bose retail stores,, and authorized Bose dealers so if you are interested head on over to their website or your local headphone retailer and check them out.

Source: Bose.
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    would these headphones work with a nexus? I know the earphones would, but would the volume control and the microphone work with a nexus? haven’t got a nexus phone to go and check it at any store myself :-/ Does any know or have experienced ?

    Hieu Nguyen

    Bose seriously need to release some bluetooth sports earphones


    Is losing a significant amount of sound quality worth ditching the light, thin cable? Obviously I’m saying no, I just can’t lose that quality!

    Hieu Nguyen

    Its not THAT significant. I own a pair of Jaybird Bluebuds X and the sound on those are more than acceptable. And for someone who doesn’t like having their devices in their pickets our best them whilst working out, especially with weights.. Its a very small compromise


    I’m an audiophile, so I can sound a little over the top when it comes to sound loss. And I did not know you were using them for working out – which of course, makes a lot of sense, in regards to wanting bluetooth; I tend to use my ear/head phones at the office, home, playing my gaming handheld etc. So yeah, I get why when working out, bluetooth would be very worth the loss of sound – even in my snobby audiophile opinion! * Of course, who knows how much these bad boys would be if they had that… Read more »

    Hieu Nguyen

    Lol no worries man. Yeah these SoundSport earphones would be a great set to use in the gym if they were wireless. As a wired set they would also be awesome just to use during transit etc. But in the gym, I’m not so fussed with quality. Outside the gym on the other hand, quality is very important when it comes to music.


    i agree totally- I’,m still using my Sennheiser MM100’s that I got a few years ago. There has not been anything decent released to replace them since.