After recently canning their long awaited StyleCovers, OnePlus have added another accessory to their modest list, announcing the “Oneplus Silver Bullet Earphones”.

The introduction in the OnePlus Forums says that they’ve engineered the earphones (earbuds) to feel compact and durable, while still providing users with an immersive sound experience. Great, but what does that actually mean?

OnePlus Silver Bullet

The controller on the earphone cable has access to music control, calls (as you’d expect) and the camera “without the need to reach for your phone”. What taking photos of the inside of your pocket is going to do for anyone, I’m not quite sure yet?

Continuing their seemingly ongoing quest to deliver quality products at cheaper prices, OnePlus have announced that they’ll be pricing these earphones at the fairly low price of US$14.99


Most of the circles I travel in have a good set of headphones for music, earbuds for running or perhaps both so it will be interesting to see how well a cheap earphone set is received for the aesthetic pleasure of having it match up with your phone.

This new accessory comes on the back of only last week, pulling production on the Oneplus Style Covers following some production and quality issues that (potentially) could also leave your phone damaged.

Regardless it’s a good sign that OnePlus are looking to continue the growth of their brand. Even after a step backwards, they’re working towards delivering great products to users. The fact they had the confidence to remove an accessory from production shows that they care about the customer experience when it comes to accessories, and are trying to stand by their motto; Never Settle.

Are you one of the lucky ones on the Oneplus list of users? Will you buy the Silver Bullet Earphones to complement your device?

Source: Oneplus Shop.
Via: Oneplus Forums.
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Joss Terrell

Assuming One Plus and Oppo are still effectively the same company, these earphone should be pretty good.
I received a pair with my Oppo N1, which are almost the best earphones I’ve ever used.
They feel high quality, with the metal parts included instead of plastic and the sound is awesome. They are also in ear ones, so they block out a lot of the ambient sound which only helps with the clarity and bass response.


I just had a look at the one plus lottery purchase system. Do they really want to sell phones like this? They’ve actually made purchasing a phone worse. I really could not be bothered.

Phil Tann

It’s still essentially in Beta, so they’re not wanting 10’s of thousands of phones out there. I get contact regularly re: bugs I’ve lodged with them. They’re really responsive but the phone isn’t ready for “commercial” sales.


Corded camera remote, as part of a headphone remote. What a great idea.
Put the One Plus on a smartphone tripod, and use the remote to take the photos without any vibration.