It looks like Sony has been busy in Dr. Frankenstein’s lab. New benchmarks have surfaced via AnTuTu of a device dubbed the Xperia Z3X, and the specs are rather beastly.

According to the AnTuTu benchmark, Sony have managed to shoehorn a 6.2″ screen with QHD (2,560 x 1,440) resolution and a gargantuan 4GB of RAM into this rumoured successor to the Xperia Z Ultra, paired with Qualcomm’s 64-bit octa-core Snapdragon 810 chipset and Adreno 430 GPU. Android 4.4.2 rounds off the list, though we’d hope to see Android 4.4.4 if this device makes it to market.

But wait, there’s more! Sony seems to have taken offence to the appearance of the Nokia PureView series and the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom, and is gearing up for a fight. The Xperia Z3X is reportedly equipped with a 22MP camera, complete with a 2/3″ sensor, F/1.2 aperture and 7.83mm focal length. Throw in high dynamic range and a low signal-to-noise ratio, and you’ve got a device that’s poised to give the other manufacturers a run for their money.

Is this the spec sheet you’ve been looking for, or is a phablet not quite your style? Let us know below!

Source: GSM Dome.
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I love a nice sized phone, but this is screaming all kinds of fake to me. Not even sure it would be possible to have a lens like that without requiring just the lense to be thicker than the whole phone. Also, having the z ultra already, with a smaller screen size in this so called device, I would be expecting the height to reduce, but it looks taller.

Something smells very fishy.


Yep, smells fishy to me too.


That was my thought too. A lens like that should poke out.
Though there was talk of a weird Sony curved sensor that allowed phone cameras to take up less space.


6.2″ display and Sony’s large bezel style ?
No thanks. Waiting for a phablet with much better Screen/Size ratio.

Joshua Hill

Sony’s large bezels seem to be a thing of the past. The new z3 and the z3 compact have screen/bezel ratios of 71% and 70.5%. This is comparable with the Galaxy S5. Much better than HTC One M7 and M8 which were 64.5% and 66.5%. There are slightly better scores but Sony’s definitely in the ballpark now.

We don’t even know what this rumoured devices ratio will be but assuming it follows Sony’s recent releases with a ratio of other 70% you may be waiting a long time for a manufacturer to release a phone with ‘much better Screen/Size ratio’!

David Mcmillan

i got my eye on this beauty


This phablet sounds beautiful.
But without knowing how much on board storage and whether or not is supports microSDXC, those would be what makes or breaks the device for my consideration.

Iain Simmons

Normally that wouldn’t be my biggest concern, but when they start throwing in 22MP cameras, that obviously becomes much more important.

Also, you’d have to assume that as apps come to support QHD screens, the file sizes of the app ‘assets’ (images, etc) must also increase…