Android L
A new version of Android is normally heralded by the arrival of a new statue outside of building 44, and we do expect a new version of Android soon. Currently known as Android L, the new version will receive a dessert themed code-name upon official announcement, but which dessert beginning with L will it be? Lollipop? Lamington? Lemon Drop? Well, Giovanni Calabrese from the Themendous who makes the statues, has been throwing out hints that the next statue will be of Licorice.

Calabrese started out the week stating in a Google+ post :

He’s followed up with a series of entries on his Google+ page, which announced a trip to the Googleplex to perform maintenance, including giving them a fresh coat of paint, on the statues. Calabrese advertised for two helpers to help the New Jersey based creator, saying that the lucky two would be involved in a ‘secret surprise project involved for those who join in on the adventure !’.

Subsequent entries have culminated in mentions of licorice during his run through the TSA while boarding his plane to California.

He’s either being blatantly honest, has a massive affection for licorice, or he’s just leading everyone down the garden path. We’ll find out soon enough.

What do you think the next version of Android will be?

Source: Giovanni Calabrese.
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    It is just a name, a lot of noise for something so simple.


    I just have trouble seeing Licorice as being turned into an appealing logo. Just a black Bugdroid? Is that racist?

    Benjamen Meiers

    It suppose it could. I really do hate licorice.


    I’m sure he would have been told by Google not to reveal the name, so find it hard to believe he’s going around Google Plus posting the real name of Android L and making all these licorice-themed posts.

    Seems like an obvious red herring to me. I’d be extremely surprised if it were licorice. Especially because that disgusting ‘candy’ should be banned from human consumption and anyone who enjoys it should be put in jail.

    Morgan Archer

    It could be a double Red herring, everyone assumes that it’s a Red herring and concludes it’s something different, actually is Licorice.

    Peter Massey

    Don’t you mean a double red liquorice?