Remember last year when Google “accidentally” outed the Nexus 5 in a video showing the KitKat statue being placed on the lawn at Google HQ? It seems they have done it again this year. This time though it isn’t an accidental reveal by a Googler.

The phone appears in an Android advertisement produced by Google. Originally it was apparently spotted on TV by a user and then found online. If you watch the video below you will see the guy fourth in line pull what appears to be a massive Moto X with Android L onscreen buttons on it. This is believed to be the Nexus 6, aka Shamu.

With Google releasing this video the actual release on the Nexus may well be this Friday as rumoured. We all certainly hope so. Anyone else even more excited for this device now that they have gotten a small peek at it?

Source: Android Police.
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happy with my Nexus 5 but I want Android L

Jack Alltrades

ME TWO… (happy with my nexus 4) I WANT ANDROID L

Benjamen Meiers

I really hope this was satire lol.


I would suspect so. I doubt the phone is scaled to size, although the Shamu is a bloody big whale!! the point is, there is the nexus 6.


Scott, with the discussion about the N9, I’m wondering if this is a satirical shot at using a tablet as a phone, not something smaller like a 6in phablet.


Hope that the phone isn’t to scale, might be a little bit big for me otherwise.

I can’t see Google doing something on Friday, Apple have their event then and as of yet Google have sent out any invites for anything. Trying to split the limelight with an Apple release would just be a bad idea.


Not exactly sure how this is Google outing the Nexus 6… it could be any Android phone.


Any android device shaped like a motorola, with android L buttons, and big, around the time nexus 6 is rumoured to be released….

You could be right, but if you are it would be a massive coincidence…


it fits with all rumours so far re the Nexus 6. You know what they say about if it looks like it, smells like it, tastes like it.. oh wait 😀