I`m moving to Vietnam. After we just saw the Nexus 9 and Keyboard Folio case in the wild thanks to a Vietnamese site, another has come forward to show off a video with Android Lollipop running on the HTC built tablet and provide camera samples as well.

The video mainly focuses on showing off the hardware, but moves on to show the operator using the tablet to access the menu, various websites and apps. There are sneak peaks at parts of the tablet including an angle which shows that the camera on the tablet appears to have the same raised ring surrounding it as the Nexus 5:
Screenshot 2014-10-16 at 11.00.12 PM

Moving on through the video a few apps are displayed at one stage in the app drawer, including a Dog Fooding verson of Google Earth complete with new icon and the rumoured Google Fit Android application (at least the icon is there). There’s lots of shots of the sides (that brushed aluminium looks delicious), front and rear of the tablet, with a real skew towards showing the hardware, and as a whole, the Nexus 9 looks gorgeous.

Our last thought on hardware is that the upside down microUSB port at the base, may make Jason twitch.
Screenshot 2014-10-16 at 11.09.08 PM

About halfway through the video, there’s camera samples. No-one likes a tablet photographer, but the point of a camera on a tablet is that it’s there IF you need it. So in that spirit, there’s some Camera samples included

Now we just need to know when to order. We’ll keep you updated on that front as soon as we get some information.

Source: Sforum.
Via: Android Police.
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Can’t look at video – it’s private.


Hi, this tablet has processor K1 like shield from nvidia? Can I use stylus with same functionality like there?