Manufacturers are beginning to announce plans for their handsets, tablets and other devices now that Google has officially launched Android Lollipop. HTC and Motorola were quick to announce their plans and now Nvidia has announced that the newly announced Shield Tablet will receive the update as well.

It’s not terribly surprising given the tablet is less than 2 months old, and the average life span for updates on an Android device is 18 months. Still, many Nvidia Shield owners will celebrate this tweet:

There’s no time-frame announced for the update, so it could be months rather than weeks. But with the Nvidia Tegra K1 powering the HTC Nexus 9, it’s clear that the company has had some early access to Android Lollipop and this could translate to quite a fast update. We’ll soon find out.

With Android Lollipop promised, all we need now is to get the actual tablet on-sale here in Australia.

Source: @Nvidia.
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Noooooooo now the home/back buttons on the controller will be wrong!

Shouldn’t take too long, Nvidia was usually pretty quick with updates for the Shield Portable (not that I have one, but it’d be nice to see it get an update too, it’s only like 15 months old by now).

Just hope it doesn’t affect the easy root-ability of the tablet – I sort of need that for force moving games to the SD card.