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The OnePlus is still quite hard to get a hold of for those Android fans wanting to get a high-end phone at a low-end price. Last month OnePlus announced they would open up pre-orders at the end of this month, and today we’ve gotten more details on when and for how long.

Pre-orders will open on Monday, the 27th of October and you’ll be able to pre-order your phone during a one-hour window. Then it’s back to the invite system. Starting today, OnePlus will let you add the One to a shopping cart which you can save and arrange the phone how you would like it, once pre-orders open you can then submit your order, with hopefully no fuss. Of course if you receive an invite in the meantime you can still skip the queue.

Orders will open on October 27th at 15:00 GMT – that’s 2am Tuesday the 28th of October AEST. As part of the sale, OnePlus are also dropping the price of their accessories for a week, with the newly announced JBL Earphones down from US$39 to US$24.99.

Remember orders will have to be placed in another country such as the US and you’ll have to use a shipping forwarder such as ComGateway or Shipito to get your phone and accessories to your door at an additional cost. Orders are limited to two devices and payment is via PayPal, any other considerations are up to you so make sure you read all the fine print.

We’re still along way of general availability of the OnePlus One, but hopefully if you’ve been patiently waiting this will solve your issue.

Are you going to be ordering a OnePlus One next week?

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Phill Edwards

I’m totally uninterested in this phone. It sounds like the thing is bug-ridden and they can’t even get the touch screen working properly, and then they expect you to jump through more hoops than a circus lion for the privilege of handing over hard-earned to by the damn thing. Forget it. I’ll never buy a OnePlus on principle now.


In the human body, unused adrenalin turns toxic. The excitement is well and truly gone and I WANTED one so badly at first, but their marketing was so appalling thta I’d rather wait for another great phone. There is already the Galaxy Note 4 and very soon the Nexus 6. I really don’t want to buy into their crap. Pity, it’s a great concept.


How long before it gets Lollipop?


Ok, found it, Officially within 3 months of Google final build. With 38r, its better but with ‘boot loop’ I think Id proceed with caution. Nexus 6 pricing has forced me to look at the One+1.

Joshua Hill

I’m waiting for a $50 discount on the N5. Failing that I may get a 64GB One plus through Camera Paradise you highlighted previously, assuming LTE bands will work with Optus in Sydney.

Coming from 4.3″ phones and not planning to sell my Z1 compact I’d rather try a 5″ device before jumping straight to 5.5″.

Joshua Hill

Just re-read the opinion piece on One plus missing the boat. Think I’ll use any money I may have used on this to instead purchase a N9 or Android Wear device.


Why would you do it when your own reviews say it isn’t read for general use.

Joshua Hill

I’m not sure but I believe the update released about a week or two ago finally fixes the touch screen bugs which was the biggest problem with the phone. Any feedback on how its worked for you Scott?


Just got for Oneplus One You will never regret it. Using phone on 38R update for a week. Battery life gr8 (which is sh#8% on Nexus 5), No touch screen issue. Nice front and back Camera and Gr8 screen. IMO speaker also is better than Nexus 5

Joshua Hill

Did you ever have the touchscreen issue?

Damien Xenos

The only issues I have had with my OnePlus is slight yellow banding at the bottom of the screen. Its there only when I look for it. And call volume I consider low. Bought from DWI on eBay during 15% off sale. The size is big. You need to keep this in mind. Note 3 proportions with smaller screen. By far the best Android phone I have owned (HTC DHD; Samsung S2 & S4). At 1 day 18h 42m with 3h22m screen time and still on 36% battery. This with Bluetooth on full time and 3 push emails. Buttery quick.… Read more »


Good to hear, the hassle to get one though isn’t worth it for now, maybe the next version for me if they make it easier to order. Certainly am not buying the N6 now.