When the LG G Watch R will launch in Australia is still unknown – it showed up on the LG Australia site a few weeks ago, but LG Australia has so far kept quiet on launch details. We don’t know when the watch will actually arrive, how much it’ll cost or whether we’ll be able to purchase it on Google Play when it does.

With the watch now shipping in the UK though, some people couldn’t wait and had the opportunity to have a look at the watch and reader Raph has provided us with some thoughts on his imported G Watch R. He’s had it since Monday morning and seems pretty happy with it!

The included leather strap appears to be quite stiff, giving off an air of cheapness or cost-cutting. It’s quite a disappointment compared to the premium impression that the inclusion of a leather band is meant to give, and calls to mind the criticisms levelled at the rubber strap included with the original G Watch.

At first boot, the watch runs the default watch face, “Red”, which looks quite nice. I settled on this as my watch face – it came down to a choice between Red or Hiking.

The G Watch R’s OLED screen is a thing of beauty, providing clear and sharp images and great viewing angles – even at nearly right angles, you can still see the watch face. The resolution bump up to 320×320 is welcome. If I didn’t know it was an OLED screen, I’d probably think it was a real watch.

The watch seems a little snappier than the original G Watch (Not sure why this might be, unless there’s a software difference at play – they have the same internals – Jason).

I’ve played with the heart rate monitor a bit too, and compared it to an app on my phone and they match. The default behaviour is to just take a moment-in-time read, which takes about 20 seconds. Using an app called Cardiograph, I can get a constant read going, and it’ll save the details. It maintains this constant read, even if I’m moving.

The physical power button is nice. The original G Watch’s lack of a button always made me worry that if I had to turn it off for some reason (or it crashed), I wouldn’t be able to to turn it back on without a charger.

Speaking of the charger, as a guy who bought 3 chargers for his original G Watch (mainly because you cant turn it on without one, and partly because I temporarily lost one), I’m disappointed that I cant charge it using the same charger. The principle of operation is the same (and there’s still 5 pins on the watch), but the mould of this one is round to fit the watch body. It’s a little frustrating that there’s no adapter for the original G Watch’s charger, even if it added a little bulk. Ultimately, the addition of Qi charging would have made much more sense for the G Watch R – maybe this is something LG will add in its next generation.

All told, I am absolutely stoked with this watch!

Raph also sent through an image of the watch showing the side profile and a look at how the screen performs at an extreme angle:


And a comparison with the original G Watch:


We’re hoping to get our hands on a G Watch R as soon as they arrive in Australia. If you’re desperate to get your hands on this circular beauty you can always jump over to MobileZap to check out their prices, or import it via an eBay seller as Raph did.

Are you going to make the G Watch R your next Android Wear device? Tell us in the comments!

Thanks: Raph Even-Chaim.
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Thanks for that. I’m thinking I’ll get one of these when they land here, although the Sony is looking a good option too…

Btw : you can turn the LG g watch on without the charger by pressing the small silver button on the back of it with a pen.


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