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With the release today of the Galaxy Note 4, Samsung has released a variety of accessories on their website for you to purchase. With the Galaxy Note 4 one of the most popular handsets on the market, you will of course find a number of these accessories spreading out to retailers and carriers over the next few weeks. Only the S View covers and Screen Protector kit at this stage are priced, but we’re hoping to get pricing for the rest soon.

First up is the traditional S View cover has been available on the site for some time, for $69 and comes in a range of six colours including Plum, Gold, Charcol, Mint, Pink and White. The S View cover is one of Samsung’s mainstays, offering the ability to get notifications and interact with your phone through the S View Window, while leaving it protected behind a cover. The cover also powers the Note 4 up and down when you open and close it.

Note 4 - S View Cover

Listed on the site is the Note 4 S View Charging Cover in both Black and White. Unfortunately the cover hasn’t been priced as yet, but we hope to see some pricing soon. The Note 4 S View Charging Cover offers all the advantages of the standard S View Cover but adds the ability to charge your Note 4 wirelessly on a charging stand (sold separately, but not listed on the site yet) but is generally Qi compatible so you can use existing Qi chargers.

Note 4 S View Charging Cover

The Note 4 is also known for its stylus driven interface, using what Samsung has now coined as the S Pen. Samsung is also listing spare S Pen’s in two colours: Black and White, on their site, unfortunately with no pricing. There’s no sign of the Mont Blanc S Pens announced at the Note 4 announcement back at IFA in Germany, but they may come later.

Note 4 S Pen

Samsung has listed the Samsung Note 4 Extra Battery Kit on their site as well, it’s not just a battery, but a portable charger as well allowing you to keep a fully charged battery with you at all times, ready to swap when the need hits. No pricing has been made available as yet, but we hope it comes soon.

Note 4 Extra  Battery Kit

Finally, if you want a screen protector for your brand new phone, Samsung will sell you a pack of Screen protectors, which includes 2x Screen Protectors, 2x Dust removal Stickers, a Micro Fiber Cleaner and a Squeegee for the bargain price of $24.95. Whether you want to use one or not is up to you.
Note 4 Screen Protectors

Samsung has announced more accessories for the Note 4 in other markets, but whether we’ll see them here or not is the big question. We hope to get more information from Samsung about accessory availability for the Galaxy Note 4 soon.

Source: Samsung Australia.
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vijay alapati

where can i get a spare fast adaptive charger 🙁

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

It really is a beast of a phone, I’d love one.