We know the Nexus 6 is just around the corner. This morning, it was listed on the Play Store as “Coming soon”. I know, we can hear you chanting “BUT THAT’S NOT SOON ENOUGH” already.

Well, how would you like a notification straight to your mobile when the Nexus 6 goes on sale in Australia? This is something we’re going to do for you, for free, and nice and easy.

First of all, just go and install PushBullet if you haven’t already.

Pushbullet: SMS on PC and more
Pushbullet: SMS on PC and more


Once you’ve installed it, link it with your desired Google account. Just follow the standard set up procedure (it’s pretty intuitive). Once you’ve got it set up, visit this link on your desktop or mobile, and ensure that you sign in with the same Google credentials:


This creates a subscription to our notification channel on PushBullet. Behind the scenes, our server will check the Nexus 6 inventory every thirty seconds or so, and as soon as it notices that stock is available, a push notification will be sent out straight to your mobile.

We’ll leave this running at least until the Nexus 6 goes on sale in Australia, and we may leave it running for a while beyond that so people can stay up to date with stock level notifications.

Thanks: Nathan Osman.
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Adam Ephraums

Quick question: this morning the 32GB midnight blue was available for a brief time. did everyone receive the pushbullet update? i only just subscribed and im nervous about missing out! cheers

Adam Ephraums

thanks guys

Mahmoud Baghdadi

Thanks Ausdroid 🙂

Sam Richardson

Optus said they’ll be starting pre orders for the N6 at the end of the month.

Daniel Tyson


Sam Richardson

Their online support chat, I should have taken a screenshot because this was a surprise for me also haha.

Daniel Tyson

Off I go to Optus online support chat

Sam Richardson

Let me know if you get a similar response. They wouldn’t give me a specific date just ” the last week of this month”.

Daniel Tyson

All I got was signed up for Email alerts…which is what they do for every phone. 2 different reps, same answer 🙁

Sam Richardson

Hmm that’s odd. Will have wait and see I guess.


This is awesome, thanks Ausdroid!


Any news on when Telstra will have stock?


Sometime in 2015.


GST should not be applied to imported items below AUD$1,000.


I think you’re mistaking GST for import Stamp Duty.


…i think you’re getting confused with import duty. If a product is over $1000 then you need to pay import duty on the value of the product plus gst on that value as well as gst on the shipping. Well that’s my understanding.

GST on the other had applies to all products sold in Australia (other that milk, bread, and a few other essentials required for survival – and no the nex doesn’t count 😉

Darren Ferguson

In Google wallet mine is showing no GST. Is that correct? Since I’m doing salary sacrifice it’s kind of important.


On the play store at the very bottom right of the page it says ‘All Prices Include GST’ – so if you’re buying from the aussie play store, it’s included. As far as you’re concerned you’re buying from an Aussie company, and being charged by an aussie company, even if the product is being delivered from elsewhere.