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The Motorola Moto X launch has been delayed here in Australia, making the temptation to import a ‘Pure Edition’ Moto X from the US, possibly with some Moto Maker customisations, quite attractive. The wait for a promised software update to enable LTE Bands 3, 5 & 7 on the phone, making the handset usable in Australia has apparently ended. Users trialing the Android 5.0 Lollipop soak test for the Moto X (2014) in Australia have seen the phone now attach to the Optus LTE network.

Ausdroid reader Shane imported a Moto X (2014) model XT1095 from the US through a friend, happy to use it on the 3G/HSPA networks until the promised update to bring Australian friendly LTE bands to the phone arrived. When Motorola announced a soak test for Android 5.0 Lollipop on the phone over the weekend, Shane managed to get a hold of the software and updated his handset and is happy to report that LTE is now working on his phone, advising :

Straight on and in 4.4.4 it showed 4G but was actually HSPA+ (expected due to US marketing HSPA+ as 4G) with Speedtest results of 10-13 Mbps. Now with 5.0 it is connecting using LTE and speedtest is giving 20-36 Mbps.

For their part, the official release notes – which were published and then pulled quite quickly – don’t mention the updated LTE bands. But it’s hard to ignore the anecdotal evidence Shane has provided.

A quick run-down on the LTE bands involved: The Moto X (2014) XT1095 comes with LTE Bands: 02(1900MHz), 04(1700MHz) and 17(700MHz (b/c)), unfortunately none of these are compatible with our LTE networks, with the Optus and Telstra 700MHz network using Band 28 as opposed to the Band 17 on this phone. The update to the Moto X brings Bands 03(1800MHz), 05(850MHz) and 07(2600MHz), Band 3 of course is used by all three carriers throughout most of Australia and Vodafone are currently planning to refarm their 850MHz 3G network over to LTE, making the phone quite attractive to import.

In theory, this is a pretty tempting offer for many people out there. Of course you have to get the phone to Australia, and Motorola hasn’t officially acknowledged the update includes the LTE support.

Shane kindly provided a screenshot of a speed test on his Moto X from Castle Hill :

Are you thinking of importing a Moto X (2014)?

Thanks: Shane.
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Michael McGuire

So do people think that it is better to get the Pure Version or the GSM version from the US motomaker? Monday they are having a sale 140 off – starting price of $350


Don’t bother trying to get one from moto maker US. I’ve tried a couple of times. Last attempt I used my partners amex as I read these have been accepted. But I soon got an email telling me the order is hold, and I have to call them. I emailed customer support to tell them just to cancel it, but they replied I have to actually call them.

Not worth the trouble


Ok to buy from Moto US using Auspost then?


So tempting to just buy it from the states, especially after Aust Post introduced Shopmate to set up a Us address. If you buy a 16gb model you’re saving a good 70 bucks

M Brandon Lee

wow, our speeds suck in the US


the US tend to suck

Morgan Jackson

So this update means the phone will now work on Telstra 4G?

Shane Lord

Yes it will. Telstra use band 3 (1800) for LTE so you should see similar speeds to what I’m getting on Optus.

Morgan Jackson

Thanks Shane! just ordered one


Where did you order one from? I’m hoping to get one now that it will work in Aus (I assume I should be good to go with Optus)

Fiddle Castro

Ditto to what @riazo said

Fiddle Castro

Ordered from where and how?


Where you part of the soak test or did you side load the update? Any tricks or guildance would be appreciated.

Shane Lord

I’m in the soak but was impatient and side loaded. Follow the guide on XDA (page 5 from memory has the adb side load steps). Make sure you have never been rooted or you’ll have issues.


Daniel can u tell Motorola to bring there damn devices to Australia and stop playing the game of “when are we going to get it” before they become irrelevant again


Dame you Moto X 2014, why no wireless charging.


A 4G phone in Australia should really support 3, 5 and 28. If you are with Optus, you need band 40 as well. Anything less is just, sub-optimal.

Daniel Tyson

I Live in Canberra and use Optus – pretty sure I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about. However, there’s a HUGE majority of people who would be happy with just the 1800MHz network.

Fiddle Castro

Can you please explain if these bands only affect LTE, or if they actually also affect the ability to make and receive phone calls. (Apologies for my ignorance)

Daniel Tyson

Fair Question. The XT1097 has support for 3G: 850/900/1700/1900/2100. So you’re fine for all the voice calls within Australia. The update merely adds LTE which is pretty much data only. I don’t believe any VoLTE solutions have come to the Moto X as yet (let alone only Vodafone has announced trials of VoLTE).

Fiddle Castro

Cool, thanks Daniel. When you say XT1097, I’m sure you mean the Pure Edition XT1095 (just making sure I’m not being crazy AND dumb here!)

Shane Lord

I have the XT1095 (the one referenced in the article). It is unbranded and has all required bands for 3G, and now with this update the main ones for LTE. The XT1097 is the AT&T model and is branded, and not supported in the soak test as yet.

Fiddle Castro

Thanks Shane. I’m tempted to go the XT1095 route also…or order the XT1092 from the UK.

Do you know of any pro/cons to either?


I’m in the same boat. Which option is better for Australia?

Fiddle Castro

I don’t know. I’m getting confused with all this.


I have given up acquiring a moto x from US moto maker. Last night I tried to pay one with American express, which I’ve read seemed to work, but my order still cancelled. Looks like a 32GB in cognac leather is just never meant to be ๐Ÿ™

Fiddle Castro

That sucks. The Moto X looks like a great phone–I want one. No two. But Motorola Oz suck as a company. Would be nice if they actually communicated with their potential customers. And I don’t see why Oz can”t get customised versions since they’re made in China. *anger*


sorry to clarify how it works is you place an order for whatever you want (list out the specs for moto maker), tell them where to get it, where you’re from and hopefully somebody will post a bid to buy it for you. They bid for your business really. Of course they will charge a little premium but if enough people bid you can technically choose the best price. I paid 625ish I think by memory but another guy with the leather back I looked at got offered 616ish. Bare in mind too the price also includes shipping.


what site did you use to place your order? were you happy with the service?


so far so good…it is a trust based webby though. which was in my original post that got moderated. I was scouring this website for hints really and was unable to find felt really compelled to help out fellow moto fans after feeling let down by our Australian division…16Gb?! Anyway, I found the site mentioned above. Hopefully it is good. I mean paypal does support it so it cant be that dodge right? I tried shipito as well. If you do an assisted delivery it is guaranteed but by the time you factor in their charges and etc it worked… Read more ยป

Fiddle Castro

What site above? I can’t see any mention (maybe deleted by mods?)


I’d say that thtupid had a URL in his post, which means the post would not be made visible unless a Mod approves it.

Daniel Tyson

We didn’t delete it, Disqus did automatically, but i`m not approving it either – it’s an unknown site which essentially sounds like getting someone you’ve never met, and is not really associated with a company to purchase it for you. If you’re that keen for one use one of the purchasing services from ComGateway or Shipito – they’d be much more reputable.

Fiddle Castro

Thanks Daniel for clearing that up. One most question re overseas buying:

XT1092 coming to Australia is same as UK XT1092? (So we could get MotoMaker that way?)

I’m getting desperate to buy ๐Ÿ™‚

Fiddle Castro

Thanks! But where did you do this please


Hello. I posted it but it got moderated. search for post rope. one word.

Fiddle Castro


Christian Schocke

Hi, I bought the XT1092 from the UK and it has full support for Band 3 so 4G runs without a hitch.

Fiddle Castro

Doesn’t the UK XT1092 version have support for LTE Bands 1 3 7 8 20?

Shane Lord

I believe the LTE bands in anything other than the XT1095 aren’t going to work. The XT1097 might, but it is branded AT&T. The XT1095 is the preferred option.

Fiddle Castro

Thanks Shane. Here’s either a dumber or smarter question then:

What’s the difference between a XT1092 in the UK and the XT1092 Australia will be getting?

Surely a XT1092 is a XT1092, no?

Fiddle Castro

Daniel, what option do you think is better?

1. Order XT1095 from USA
2. Order XT1092 from UK

It’s not a trick question, just wondering if I’m missing something with people NOT ordering from the UK instead.