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For anyone that’s used an iPhone in the last couple of years and moved to a different platform, you’re probably familiar with the struggle of receiving text messages from your contacts who are still on iOS. Apple’s iMessage platform, which allows messaging between iOS (and Mac OS) devices without using SMS is generally considered to be a pretty cool tool, but if you leave the platform behind, quite often your iOS-wielding contacts will find that sending you messages doesn’t work so well anymore.

It used to be that there was a process to follow¬†before leaving iOS behind which would allow your SMS to work properly from day one on Android or Windows Phone (or any other platform). However, if you’d already sold / destroyed the iPhone, then you were without luck.

Apple has heard consumers anger about this, and has (at long last) finally released a tool to manually de-register mobile numbers from Apple’s iMessage servers. The process is pretty simple. Visit Apple’s De-Register website, punch in your mobile number and receive a text message for validation. Enter that code back into the website, and you’ll be de-registered from iMessage straight away.

It looks like this:

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Let us know if you’ve been caught out by Apple’s iMessage before! Better yet, let us know if you try and use this tool and it works for you!

Source: Apple.
Via: Android Central.
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    Woody Gray

    Got very very mad at the Apple support people when I returned my iPhone and moved to Android! Glad they finally put in a way to remove the ‘service’ that hopefully actually works this time!


    about fing time


    Thanks for that guys! Will definitely make things a lot easier when I finally have the money to grab a new phone and move to Android