Sick of seeing your mates with their new devices with Lollipop on, or seeing their developer previews on Nexus 5, Nexus 7 etc while your ageing Nexus 7 (2012) is still chugging along with Kitkat?

Despair no longer, Android Police have posted a couple of links for downloading what appears to be a final build of Lollipop for the 2012 version of the hugely popular Nexus 7. The build number LRX21P is in line with the build numbers that are already on the Nexus 9 in Australia and according to sources in the US; The Nexus player also.

Grab the download here and give it a bash, all you need is fastboot functioning on your system to push the update over to your tablet.

Is Lollipop going to give your 2012 Nexus 7 a new lease on life, or do you think it will be its final curtain call?

Source: Android Police.
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Jaap Van der Horst

It works like a charm on my 16 gb wifi version… better than before…. Only when downloading stuff it temporarily bogs down… great


Download keeps failing. πŸ™

Never mind, after spamming the link it eventually downloaded. πŸ˜€

Peter Massey

Wooo, now to see if root is available!


Mine barely runs Kitkat. Very sluggish. Not sure an upgrade would make that better. Probably worse!


cool. I better put my old N7 on charge. It’s been dormant for a while.
And there is final testing going on for the Moto G.

All sorts of ROMs out there, if I was impatient, but I am happy to wait a day or two.


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Branden Aye Tremblay

installed it earlier and it’s leaps and bounds better then 4.4.4 was performance wise. it honestly feels like a new tablet. lolipop is great as well and definitely liking the new changes


Really? Wow, that is good news. My Nexus 7 hardly boots up, takes minutes to open even the simplest of apps and is so sluggish as to be unusable. I guess I’d better learn how to install a new OS (without waiting for an OTA update)…


I did it and it runs much smoother that KK. The only thing that trips it up is opening and closing the app draw in the Google Now launcher. But the built in launcher works well. Now for a material version of Action Launcher – holo never worked well for the draw and the transperant draw that looked much better has been dropped for a long time.