After a frustrating first attempt at pre-orders, followed by an apology, as well as a promise of a do-over on pre-orders, Oneplus are set to open the flood gates and accept pre-orders once again. The second pre-order window will open on the 17th of November in the USA (VERY AM, approximately 3AM for Eastern States). The pre-order site is up, and apparently rearing to go, but the question is whether it will struggle to handle the influx of traffic, but after last time, the key phrase is forewarned is fore armed and OnePlus think they are up to the challenge.

Late last week, Oneplus revealed they’ve now sold over 500,000 units and intend to continue growing that figure to eventually reach the 1,000,000 units sold mark by the end of the year. The pre-order system is a smart way to gauge how much interest is still out there for the device and avoid dead stock sitting around. In the meantime if you’re keen and bag yourself an invite; keep your eyes on the Ausdroid G+ Community for opportunities to grab one, you can jump the queue and just order your phone at your leisure.

With the price of the Nexus 6, has the Oneplus gone up a notch or 2 on your shopping list?

Source: Oneplus Preorder site.
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Darren Ferguson

Wouldn’t it be easier to request the pre-orders via email? Then you can send out an access code to the proper pre-order page in batches (to avoid overloading the servers) where people do the proper pre-order.


it’s above the 6 now, almost purely from a pricepoint perspective.