Guardians of the Galaxy
Digital movie services like Ultra-Violet are generally accepted as terrible. But last year, a new service pioneered by Disney called Digital Copy Plus began letting you redeem the digital copy of your movie from your DVD or Blu-Ray purchase, by adding it to your Google Play Movies (or EzyFlix or iTunes) library.

It started back with Iron Man 3 in Australia, but well, it’s been a while since I bought a physical copy of a movie and the first video I noticed this on was Guardians of the Galaxy, which was released this week. It’s available on a wide selection of movies released from a number of studios – all under the Walt Disney banner. According to the FAQ on their site :

Select Digital Copy titles from Walt Disney Pictures, Disney•Pixar, Marvel, Touchstone, ABC, Disney Channel, and DreamWorks Pictures, can be redeemed on this website. Titles released prior to June 2013 may require the Digital Copy disc. Please refer to the insert from your Blu-ray or DVD package for specific instructions.

The process to redeem a movie is fairly simple, inside your movie packaging, you will find a voucher with a unique code (yes it’s been blanked).Guardians of the Galaxy Digital Copy
Then head over to the DigitalCopyPlus website and enter your code. Once your valid code is entered, you’ll be asked to select either iTunes, Google Play or EzyFlix. We obviously went with Google Play and from there it takes you to Google Play and you simply add the movie to your library, from where you can start playing.

I like this, I like this a lot. I prefer to own movies, although an all you can eat streaming service from Google Play wouldn’t go astray. After divesting myself of over 1500 physical DVD movies, I’ve gone digtial, but occasionally I grab a physical copy and with Digital Copy Plus I can have the best of both worlds. The bonus of this setup is obviously with Google Play Movies & TV, you can take your movies with you anywhere then use Chromecast.

I just hope that you will one day be able to get the Special Features included on the physical media as part of your digital copy included, but till then, I guess I keep buying DVDs.

Have you used Ultra-Violet or Digital Copy Plus to redeem a digital movie?

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    Who says ultra violet is terrible? Vudu is a better choice than google play. Every streaming device has vudu. Cant say that for google play.

    Darren Ferguson

    I just got my fist movie with this in it and it doesn’t work.

    Put the code in on the site. Choose Google Play. I get directed to the Google Play store. Box pops up asking for redeem code. I enter the same code again and it says invalid. I haven’t mistyped as I copy and pasted the same code that was verified on the first site.

    No response to email either…

    Darren Ferguson

    Well just found their phone number and went through the process again to get the exact error it was giving me for when I call them. It just worked fine this time. Only difference I wasn’t already signed into my Google account this time and was prompted when I clicked the link.


    To bad Google Play versions are crap, at least the Australia versions. Stuck with stereo sound for the most part.

    Benjamin Dobell

    I’m always baffled that no-one has written about this, because it makes me pretty mad. But has anyone actually bothered to read the Google Play terms of service? So yeah, you know how you can “rent” and “buy” – what they really mean is “rent for x days” and “rent until Google lose the rights”. It’s incredibly deceiving and I certainly didn’t realise until after I’d bought some TV series. But you *can not* download your tv shows / movies like you can from iTunes or other services and that’s because Google Play say you don’t own them! Actually, Ausdroid,… Read more »

    Darren Ferguson

    I’ve downloaded movies fine before. Maybe it’s something the studios can select for some movies.

    Benjamin Dobell

    Do you mind asking which movie? But also, how? I think perhaps you might be confused.

    To be clear, I mean download the h264 file for offline viewing on any device you own. The terms specifically say the videos are only viewable from a “digital locker”.

    Darren Ferguson

    I’ve downloaded them for offline viewing with the app still. Didn’t realise you meant otherwise.

    Benjamin Dobell

    Ah, yeah sorry for the lack of clarity. Offline viewing will only work for a limited time frame before your device needs to “check in” with Google Play. If Google lose the rights then checking in after Google lose the rights will indicate that you don’t “own” the movie / TV show anymore.


    I used UltraViolet. Once. To watch my copy of the Veronica Mars movie so I didn’t have to wait for them to send me my DVD/BluRay.

    It errr…. wasn’t pretty (the process, the movie itself was pretty good… although the stream was of fairly poor quality).


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    Darren Ferguson

    UV is rubbish. I can’t use them with a rooted device, so I’ve never bothered retrieving one. I would probably stay away from them if I could, I don’t like the stupid banner they put on top of the cases.

    Darren Ferguson

    Exact same case here. Never bothered getting one and a stupid banner. Amen.