Google has been pretty good about offering up content and exclusives for new and existing Chromecast owners through their website. There’s a couple of new offers on the cards for owners of what Google are labelling ‘compatible internet connected devices’.

The offers haven’t been advertised anywhere as yet, with the Chromecast device page on Google Play making no mention of the deals. If you check out the Australian Chromecast Offers Support Page though, you’ll see mention of both a free movie: X-Men, as well as an offer for $6 worth of Google Play Credit.

The offer for the X-Men movie appears to be live, with the option popping up alongside the previous offers for Presto, and 3-month trial of Google Play Music All Access, but the $6 credit mentioned on the support page does not appear – for me anyway, so perhaps it’s something coming soon.
Chromecast Offers - Google Play

If you’ve purchased a Chromecast in Australia, head on over to the website, or launch the Chromecast app on your Android Device, select your Chromecast and select Chromecast offers from the overflow menu to check them out.

Thanks: Shane.
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    Hrm, no X-Men for me.


    me neither
    I have hulu plus and google play music offers only. Must because my chromecast was bought via us


    I think mine was a local purchase, I did get the previous Australian offer…