Nexus-6-purchaseflow-1600Google’s much awaited Nexus 6 has arrived in Australia today, with JB HiFi nation-wide confirming that stock is, indeed, available.

We first received a tip on Twitter from Brisbane reader Andrew who told us that he’d just bought a Nexus 6 from JB HiFi’s Brisbane store. A few quick phone calls later, and we’ve confirmed that JB HiFi stores around Sydney have the Nexus 6 32gb available for $888, unlocked and in stock for sale today.

So, if like us, you’re waiting to get your hands on a Nexus 6, and you want to do it today, forget pre-orders. Call your local JB HiFi store and see if they’ve got some stock for you.

Thanks: Andrew.
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Hey Guys.. I just purchased a Nexus 6 32gb Midnight blue model from JB-Hifi. What surprised me was the inclusion of a Motorola branded earpiece in the box. I saw few un-boxing videos but none of them shows an earpiece. Is it that just JB-hifi in Australia providing those earpieces?


its because you dont get the turbo charger with the phone unfortunately the jbhifi guy who sold it to me told me to contact motorola and see if we would get one for freee or have to pay for one 🙁

Jason Davis

Did we get headphones in lieu of the turbo charger?
I don’t recall seeing any unboxing videos that showed included headphones.

Mahmoud Baghdadi

Thanks Ausdroid, I got the last device from Brisbane Albert St. branch (on the day of this article) 😀

Ric Smit

Good Guys have taken delivery as well and have 10% discount this weekend 🙂

Leslie Barry

Just picked one up at JB, Elizabeth Street, Melbourne. They said they sold 10 yesterday and have 20 in store but they’re selling fast. Wooohooo!! First time I’ve bought a phone without actually seeing it. 😉


Just a tip. I just bought one from TGG ebay store, as they currently have 10% off their ebay store.


This is also appearing online on TGG website, a few stores around me seem to have stock (melbourne)


Picked one up at JB Elizabeth St in Melbourne CBD. Thanks Logan.


Nexus 6 is now available at a discounted price only at (NexusPhone Deals,com)


Got mine at jb in tuggeranong ACT


Brisbane Adelaide St and Albert St both have them – I picked one up from Adelaide St – Salesman didn’t know they had them in stock till I called! Only 32GB blue. Awesome

Logan Campbell

I just picked up a 32gb blue from JB HiFi on Elizabeth Street, Melbourne. They didn’t have any on display so ask at the counter.


Went to pick up one at JB today, was going to the counter and while I was waiting was going in to cancel my order and saw it had shipped. Left the JB ones there. Better to go with Google warranty.


Can anyone confirm this is just the 32GB version or are there 64GB ones out there too.


All I was told is 32GB, blue version.


JB Galleries Victoria SYD had 5 in stock this afternoon.


JB in Brighton VIC – no stock
JB at Southland VIC – stock


Hey guys.. I picked one up from JB Hi-Fi at Kotara in Newcastle..


Confirmed, only 2 at my local JB.


Yep, each store only received two today. More tomorrow and into next week.

Caleb Johns

I don’t see any listings on the website, anyone else see it?


I looked on the website too, no listings. People on whirlpool are saying that the stores are mostly receiving 2 each, thats probably why it isn’t being promoted

Nancy Garcia

Yes its a Christmas gift by the Google

Sean Zemunik

Looks like we might all be getting phones for Christmas…D

Sean Zemunik

I bought a nexus from google last night. Just got a notification after they said it would take 3 weeks. YOUR PHONE HAS SHIPPED!!!!!!


Oh nice, I didn’t read your comment till now, I was worried because I only ordered this morning, my nexus 6 wouldn’t be shipped the same time as those who ordered a week ago…looks like there is hope for me if yours has been shipped. I picked express 1-3 days, maybe I’ll have it monday 🙂

Sean Zemunik

Yeah I bought it at 2 am. Got a notification now which was 12 hours later. Blue 32 gb shipped. Check your e mails. Good luck


My nexus 6 from google play has shipped 🙂

Sean Zemunik

you getting any tracking number issues on your shipment. Mine is shipped but when I try to find its location it says invalid tracking number…damn australia post. Last time it was fedex


No issues, I paid the $7 extra to get express shipping, so all my tracking is through Toll. My last two updates are ‘Into Facility’ Melbourne, and the lastest Transfer Out To DEST Melbourne. I’m in Adelaide so should get my nexus 6 Monday 🙂

Sean Zemunik

Yeah I missed that option. Half asleep at 2.00. Oh well better than three weeks. Thanks man

Sean Zemunik

get it yet


It was delivered yesterday afternoon, but I wasn’t home. Re delivered this morning so I now have it in my hands 🙂 I’m loving it. Well built, feels premium, nice looking phone, love the size, nice and zippy, sound nice and loud. Downsides amoled is taking some getting used to, colors so bright! Outside visibility isn’t great. Screen is still very sharp though and am enjoying my dream of a large screen nexus device

Sean Zemunik


Sean Zemunik

nice, get my tomorrow


None in the Adelaide city branch 🙁


You have saved me the trouble. I called the same store, got transferred to the phone department by some girl, put on hold, back to the girl, back on hold, back to the girl, back on hold, hear the ringing sound, sounded like someone picked up, then the call cut out 😐 I gave up. Some people on whirlpool are getting emails saying their phones ordered through google play have shipped, so maybe my google play order will come soonish. Only ordered this morning though, estimated to leave warehouse 5th January


I ordered this morning. Got the shipping notification this arvo.


Same 😀