Before we begin, full disclosure: this app is geeky. Really geeky. Now that we’ve got that out of the way: Chainfire (aka. Jorrit Jongma, of SuperSU fame) has released a new app to the Play Store today. It’s called LiveBoot, a simple yet fun (and possibly quite useful) concept that replaces your boot animation with a live output of logcat and dmesg entries as they happen during your device’s boot-up sequence.

LiveBoot offers several configuration options, including logcat categories and the number of lines to show on screen. A pro version of the app is also available, offering further options such as transparent output and an overlay of the default boot animation.

Chainfire warns that, while LiveBoot will likely work for most devices running Android 4.3 and above, it is aimed primarily at Lollipop versions at this stage. Users running KitKat are singled out in particular as being most at risk of running into issues. Chainfire notes that he plans to work on these issues in due course to get the app working on as many ROMs as possible. LiveBoot also requires more than just root: SuperSU v2.40 or above is required due to the way that the boot-time code is launched.

Those of you who enjoy a little CLI in your day, hit the link below to check out LiveBoot on the Play Store.

[root] LiveBoot
[root] LiveBoot
Developer: Chainfire
Price: Free
Source: Google+.
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    That’s cool in a very geeky way, but there’s now way its useful unless you can dump the output somewhere and sift through it, that all goes way too fast! You can already logcat with adb and have it print to a file so I think it’s primarily for looking geeky right?

    Peter Massey

    There is an option within the app to save to file. “Save logs: Save out to /cache/liveboot.log. Slows down boot, use only when needed”.

    But yeah it looks cool and scrolls super fast.


    I would love to have this on my current JB devices, sometime.