Hello everyone! What an amazing response we’ve had to the Sony PS4 and Xperia Z3 competition! The competition has now closed, with almost 900 entries received. We now have ahead of us the mammoth task of choosing a winner, which we’ll endeavour to do this afternoon, or by tomorrow at the latest.

However there is some sad news. Unfortunately, not everyone read the terms and conditions of entry. Only one entry is allowed per person, and only Australian residents can enter. Going through the competition entries, at least three hundred of them specified a clearly non-Australian telephone number, and a further 100 entries came from one person. We’ve had to prune these entries from the pool of entries eligible to be considered, which has taken some considerable time.

We know that the prizes are popular, and being able to win them for doing nothing other than crafting 25 clever words is appealing, but we have to ask in future please read the terms and conditions folks: we hate having to announce that three hundred entrants have had to be disqualified because they’re clearly from the US and countries throughout Asia. We’d love to have this prize open to every one of you, but we can’t. We also dislike the fact that some people think they can win a game of skill (i.e. we actually have to read and assess your entry) by submitting the same answer over a hundred times. It’s just pointless, and serves only to get yourself disqualified.

We hope to announce a winner later this afternoon or tomorrow morning, so please stay tuned, and we’ll announce the major prize winner (and runners up) as soon as we can.

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The winner has been chosen and notified, just waiting for confirmation and then the announcement post will be up! 🙂


Ohhh 🙁 I haven’t been notified.

Guess that means its not me.

LastMan WorldOrder

I just went and bought the phone I ain’t waiting for some contest.. This phone is great.. I haven’t used the remote play feature yet but the game grapics are 100% HD. The device isn’t complicated at all. I like customizing my themes as well.
Great Phone Sony!


so who won?



( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

You’re not the comedian you think you are.


I just used Microsoft word for the word count. :p


Best of luck getting through them all!


I wonder how many people went over the 25 word limit and was disqualified.


hehe I was thinking the exact same thing. I think I wrote 23 or 24.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Same. I counted many times hahaha.


Good luck guys (but I hope I win) 😉

Adrian Mace

Good luck to all entrants. 🙂


No. I hope you all fail miserably. I want to win this thing.

Peter Massey

Hahah! Your avatar is awesome btw.


Where did it say Australia only.


The second point of the terms and conditions


I live in Canada

Daniel Tyson

Did you enter the competition and tick the sign-ups to the newsletters?