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When Android 5.0 was announced in Mid-October, HTC was quick to announce that the high-end HTC One series models would receive the udpate to Lollipop within 90 days. That day is approaching fast, and we’ve seen screenshots of HTC Sense 6 before, but now notorious HTC hacker llabtoofer has posted some more.

The screenshots are based off a newer build of Android than the last round of screenshots, utilising the latest build available: Android 5.0.1 (LRX22C). For the most part, there doesn’t appear to be a great deal different on the homescreen, with Blinkfeed still available with a swipe to the right, and apart from the new icons for Google Play properties as well as Docs, Slides and Sheets, there’s very little to say.

Where it really gets good is the notification area, as well as the multi-tasking. Notifications seem to have been taken almost directly from AOSP, so it looks a lot more ‘Material’, although there’s still that HTC Sense style present for those that like the look. Quick Settings too, are ‘Sensified’ though they keep the general look of the Quick Settings in Android 5.0.

Multi-tasking sees one of the largest departures from the existing Sense, with HTC simply going to the stock app switcher, or ‘Overview’ as Google now calls it. It’s a nicer way to access your apps and shows a design shift for HTC that while they still retain their own sense of identity in some parts, change for the sake of change isn’t always necessary.

Finally, Llabtoofer has seen a new ‘Easy Mode’ addition to the ROM, something companies like Samsung have been doing in their ROMs for a fairly long time. The best way to check out the new feature is to watch the walkthrough video below and see what you think.

Easy Mode Walkthrough :

Current rumour is that Android 5.0 with Sense 6 for the HTC One M7/M8 will roll out early in the new year. With these screenshots, it appears that HTC is very close to a release and we’re pretty sure all you HTC One owners can’t wait.

Source: llabtoofer.
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The Lylmik

Well 90 days has come and gone and no update 🙁


Looks pretty good. I would prefer the old multi tasking though.

Shakeel Ali



Totally! Same here!


Yep me too. Way better to be able to see all the app screenshots and close with a flick.