Amazon are at it again, saying Happy New Year to all the app collecting geeks out there with a pile more free apps. If all of the apps take your fancy and you collect them all, it’s a saving of AU$120 on normal sale price. There’s some hot titles in there, great games and some useful ones too including:

  • Monopoly $5.49 Free
  • AVG Antivirus $16.23 Free
  • Riptide 2 $1.99 Free
  • Angry Birds Starwars II $1.20 Free
  • Uncanny X-Men: Days of Future Past $3.27 Free
  • Garfields Escape $1.99 Free
  • Building Calculator $21.65 Free

You’ll have to side-load the Amazon App Store to take advantage of the deals if you’re on your mobile, but if you head over to the Amazon website you can claim the titles on the web. There’s a lot more over at the source, so head on over and check them out on the Amazon Store and grab yourself a bargain.

What apps have you picked up from the Amazon App Store for free that you couldn’t do without now?

Source: Amazon App Store.
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    ‘Uncanny X-Men: Days of Future Past’ did not show up on the list for me.

    I have an Exynos and a Tegra 2 device, is anyone else having the same problem?