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The end of the Glass Explorer program is nigh, with Google today announcing on Google+ that sales of the headset will halt on the 19th of January. Furthermore, the Glass program is leaving their Google X Labs berth to become a fully fledged Google team.

The Glass Explorer program was only ever intended to be an ‘Open Beta’ when it was first announced, with Google wanting to attract only true ‘Pioneers’. Google has really pushed boundaries and developed their Glass-At-Work program which has entered hospitals, sports events, emergency services and more places.

The announcement today is also evidence that contrary to rumours, the Glass program is alive and well and moving towards an eventual retail launch. Google will also be moving the Glass team out of their Google X Labs division to be a real team in Google. As part of that move current Glass team leader, Ivy Ross, will continue to run the team but will report to the head of Nest Labs, Tony Fadell.

Tony Fadell is famous for his hand in the creation of the first iPod, a notably ‘stylish’ product, and has gone on to create other well designed products such as the Nest Thermostat. The move to include Fadell in the management chain could point to Google’s eventual wish to have Glass looking a little more stylish.

If you’re still wanting to get your hands on Glass, you have until the 19th of January to order a set…and while you’re at it, gift us a set ;).

Source: +Google GlassWSJ.