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The first round of 2015 flagship phones looks set to kick off at Mobile World Congress, with HTC sending out invites to an event on March 1st. After CES produced only one notable Android phone, the G Flex 2, it’s time to see what else 2015 has in store.

The invite sent to press, shows a starry night with a burst of light shining down. There’s little else except the words ‘Utopia in Progress’ emblazoned across the bottom and MWC Barcelona.

What HTC is going to announce isn’t certain, but it’s more than likely the rumoured HTC ‘Hima’ the replacement for the HTC One (M8). According to leaker @upleaks, who has been talking about HTC devices of late, the Hima is the new code-name for HTC’s flagship, with the M9 monniker not actually in use.

Previously @Upleaks, who has since deleted his tweet, advised that the Hima will have some pretty impressive specs, with the phone carrying:

HTC Hima:S810 2.0GHz*4+1.5GHz*4, 3GB RAM, 5″ FHD, VoLTE/CA/LTE Cat.6, 20.7MP(front 13MP or UltraPixel 4MP), 2840mAh, Android 5.0/Sense 7.0:)

We’ll soon see what HTC has in store for their flagship phone when MWC kicks off in February. We’ll of course be watching with interest and bring you all the local launch information as it happens.”

If you’d like Ausdroid to be there, perhaps we could start up a patreon page to enable more on the ground coverage of events like MWC, IFA and CES. What do you think?

Source: @upleaks.