OnePlus is celebrating the new year with a ‘New Year, New Gear’ sale on their One handset, announcing that the phone will be available for sale without the need to acquire one of those pesky invites first.

Sales will open on January 20th between 7pm – 9pm in three seperate time zones, specifically in Hong Kong, Europe and the US. The windows open between 10PM and Midnight AEDT on Tuesday Jan 20th for Hong Kong sales, between 6AM and 8AM on Wednesday the 21st of January for European sales and from 11AM till 1PM on the 21st for the US sale.

As usual when purchasing a OnePlus One you’ll need to use a shipping forwarder to get the phone to Australia, with OnePlus not officially shipping to our shores. You’ll also need a PayPal account to pay for your new phone, but then most people have that covered these days.

If you’ve been wanting to purchase a OnePlus One, then you’ll have your chance next week.

Source: OnePlus.
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It is 2014. International postage is a thing now.


they need to have better way of selling their next generation phone