Moto G Announcement
Great news for owners of the original Motorola Moto G, your Lollipop is on its way. We’ve received several reports from users advising that their handset is now receiving the prompt to download Lollipop.

The Lollipop update being delivered is in fact the 5.0.2 update, which includes a number of fixes from the original Android 5.0 release. The update brings all the Material Design goodness, new notification system and security updates; there’s also those absolutely sexy new animations but best of all, you’ll keep all the great Motorola software functions which integrate so well with stock Android.

The update is only hitting the original Moto G at this stage, with no word on when the Moto G 4G or Moto G 2014 will receive the update, but hopefully it won’t be too long.

Have your received an update on your phone? Send us a screenshot of the prompt to update and ‘About Phone’ menu, as well as some info on which model and where you purchased it.

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Mathew diekhake

Can anyone tell me a model number for the Australian Moto G?

Mathew diekhake

1st gen

Andrew Williams

downloaded and installed for 3 days… all good so far 😉 – nice new lock screen notifications is the thing you notice first.


I’m an Android nerd with a Moto G and can’t update it to Lollipop as it’s the 4G variant. Aren’t they practically the exact same phone?

This has so far been a pretty long wait for a company with a reputation for fast OS updates. It isn’t like they have to drastically modify Android or anything.


The 4g support does mean changes are made in the software making it different that orignal and you will need to wait a little longer.(the change is about the same from the original moto g to the 2nd gen


Got the update tonight. Purchased at the good guys.

Jamie Saltmarsh

About bloody time Motorola.


My wife’s phone updated earlier in the week. Seems to be running fine.


I was looking forward to getting home and updating my wife’s handset. Alas, the 4G model isn’t included yet. A lengthy delay, given it’s basically vanilla Android anyway.