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When the Nexus 6 launched at retailers back in mid-December, customers were disappointed to see that one of the draw-cards of the phone – the much vaunted Turbo Charger – was absent from the box. Instead, boxes contained a small piece of paper advising that customers could redeem a charger which would be shipped out at a later date. While those chargers haven’t begun shipping now, customers purchasing new units should now be seeing the Turbo Charger in the box.

The root cause of the missing Turbo Charger, according to Motorola Australia was that it didn’t comply with Australian Electrical Standards. Due to these standards the Turbo Charger which was built for the global market was found to not suitable for our market, instead a new Turbo Charger would have to be designed from the ground up for our market and it’s this version that will be sent out to Nexus 6 owners. The updated Turbo Charger will be the same Voltage/Amperage output as the international version and hence deliver the same results.

While it is next year and no one seems to have received their turbo chargers from Motorola as yet, we will be clarifying with Motorola Australia about when they should be expected. The reader who contacted us, Rob, is yet to test the charger but it is great to finally see it arrive here. From images sent to us it can be seen that the charger can charge up to 12V at 1.2A which is a great advantage for such a power-hungry device – especially with the previously supplied charger only supplying 850mA.

The charger arrived on the Play Store recently but is still unavailable in our country, despite the fact it has the Australian charging prongs. While it is disappointing to see that those who registered for the turbo charger back in December still haven’t received the charger, the fact it is in the box now seems to point to an imminent arrival.

Are you someone who is waiting for their turbo charger? Do you have one already? Is your question the same as mine: “Where is mine Motorola?”

Thanks: Rob.
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I bought a new Nexus 6 last week from Harvey Norman and it’s got the piddly 850mA charger πŸ™

Daniel Tyson

Possibly just old stock. Call Motorola, they’ll get a full turbo charger out to you fairly quickly

Clinton Levi

Hey! am considering one! Hows battery life>?


Still waiting…


I have never found the need for it, because of the Qi charging. I have wireless charging on my desk at work, on my bedside table and in my car holder, so it’s constantly getting topped up just by resting in the places I would normally sit the phone anyway. Will still claim mine when they are available just because I’m entitled to one.

Stephen Crisafulli

My note 4 came with a turbo charger in the box on day one. In case you were wondering how much Motorola sux

Logan Campbell

That turbo charger was Samsung’s way of apologising for also including TouchWiz.

Nigel Percy

I just got my Nexus 6 from the play store on Tuesday (shipped last Friday). No Turbo charger, but when i spoke to Motorola they didn’t think it would be that long. Then again I don’t think I have been below 70% yet so its not been an issue (been using my Transformer charger and its okay).


I am using Samsung 2Amp charger for my Nexus6 and it takes two hours to charge from 10-100%. Is this normal? How much time does it take for you guys?

Caleb Johns

I’m waiting, c’mon Motorola. I’ve been using my iPad’s charger which is 5.2volts @ 2.4a and it seems to charge my Nexus 6 in about an hour and a half to 100% so I’m not really complaining but am looking forward to getting my Turbo Charger.


Isn’t the regular Samsung Galaxy Charger 2 Amps?


Yes, some chargers are that much and I don’t really understand it but I suspect the turbo comes from the 12V?


Power = Voltage x Current so any increase in output voltage OR current increases the power output rating of the charger. In the case of the turbo charger, it’s the increase in voltage from the standard USB voltage of 5V to 12V that gives the added benefit, despite the lower current.

For example, the SGS charger mentioned above is rated at 5V x 2A = 10W, but the Moto turbo charger is rated at 12V x 1.2A = 14.4W so it will deliver 4.4W more power.

Benjamen Meiers

I did need a quick top up with the turbo charger and 30minutes later went from halfish used to full. Amazing. Considering playing a graphical intensive game for over an hour only takes up maybe 25%, 2 hour full charge is great.


Perfect. This is what I want it for. I bought an aftermarket one from Amazon that was meant to arrive monday just gone but Australia Post. πŸ™