Sony Xperia
On the back of last weeks story on Sony slashing 1,000 jobs across their Mobile divisions in China and Europe, Sony has apparently confirmed they will slash another 1,100 jobs on top of that.

The cuts were announced with Sony’s quarterly earnings report, which saw their operating profit doubled to US$1.52 billion for their third quarter, ending December 31st. Sony’s mobile business saw an operating profit of US$79 million this quarter, and while their mobile business actually gained year-over-year to around US$3.64 billion thanks to an increase in the number of handsets sold, Sony still expects to post a US$1.82 billion loss for the fiscal year, leading to the trimming of the work force.

According to Sony CFO Kenichiro Yoshida, the cut in workforce means that Sony will drop plans to develop smartphones specifically for the Chinese market and will cut back on the number of Xperia phones they release each year. Where the cuts will come from has not been announced at this stage.

Source: Fierce Wireless.