LG knows how to make a top shelf product when they want to, and I don’t think anyone expected that the G Watch Urbane would be any exception to this, both in terms of craftsmanship and price. Expansys have listed the G Watch Urbane for pre-order today, in both silver and gold models, with a starting price of US$462.

This catapults the G Watch Urbane into the position of most expensive Android Wear smartwatch on the market for the time being, though it should be borne in mind that Expansys’ pricing is probably not the official pricing. LG, for its part, have said that official pricing will be revealed closer to retail availability, and while Expansys’ listing might be pre-empting that more general retail availability, there’s no dates floating around just yet.

If you’re falling in love with the design of the G Watch Urbane like we are, you may have to wait a little longer. While Expansys operates in Australia and New Zealand, the Urbane isn’t (as yet) available for sale in those markets just yet. If you’re in the UK or US though, you can grab your credit card out and shop away!

What do you think about the Urbane?

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Nick Tsiotinos

At that price the watch needs to be less a “consumable” and more like a traditional watch that will last quite a number of years. That means a replaceable battery and currently these things life spans is dictated by the life of the battery which can be as little as 3 or so years depending on use.


It looks nice but damn that’s quite pricey.

I’ll wait for future revisions of these smart watches. Kinda want something that’ll last a work week before I purchase one.

Jamie Saltmarsh

It’s no wonder that smart watches aren’t taking off with prices like that. The manufacturer’s need to make them cheaper for the average consumer or they will become the fad of 2014/2015.