US carrier AT&T has gotten in on the “Six Appeal” teasing campaign initiated yesterday by T-Mobile’s John Legere, with their own blue-hued image appearing on a “six” page that’s less of a preorder and more of a “send me information” signup page on their mobile site.

The image doesn’t reveal anything new about the phone, basically showing the same thing as yesterday but in AT&T’s colours. It is taller than T-Mo’s image, though – it looks like it’s been modified by AT&T to add the “Spring 2015” line below, as there’s a visible line in the image (well done, guys). “Spring 2015” in US terms covers our Autumn, so that’s March to May.

Given T-Mo’s pink and AT&T’s blue, we’re waiting for Verizon to drop a red-hued Six Appeal image of their own now. We’ve no idea if there’s any Australian teasing coming up, but red might also suit Vodafone, with aqua or yellow for Optus. Given Telstra’s recent colour-rich branding, theirs would probably just be a rainbow.

Notably, the filename (the stunningly detailed “224828-m-mrq-samsung-zero-flat-teaser-640×380-p.jpg”) contains reference to Samsung’s rumoured “Project Zero” initiative last year that’s supposed to see a completely redesigned and reimagined Galaxy S device delivered to us next month. The “flat” part probably refers more to the graphic’s production process than it does any “flat” elements of the phone or its operating system.

We’ll find out for ourselves when the Galaxy S6 launches next week at Mobile World Congress 2015, and we’ll be there on the ground to report it for you.

Source: AT&T.
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I can use photoshop too.

vijay alapati

i’m not sure if they are going with dual edge display, where will be the volume button be then? they can’t put them back which will be ugly and leaked renders have no back buttons. hope it will be just like note edge, but i expect with bigger battery with slimmer, lighter and compact bazels

Darren Ferguson

Flat – no physical buttons? We can dream.


Looks like you can see the home button in the image.


The glows initially looked like car neons.
Sounds like Telstra needs to partner up with Skittles for the launch… “see the rainbow”

I like your theorising, but i think the ‘flat’ attribute is for the phone being flat (lying flat) in the image.