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Mobile World Congress has been and gone and we saw some nice phones announced but the many who were hoping to also see a flagship from Sony were left disappointed. Sony did make a few announcements there but nothing in the way of a new flagship, which is not a surprise, as it seems the Z3 was released only a few months ago. Now the apparent housing for the next flagship, the Z4, has leaked showing the size and giving some information regarding the specifications of the device.

Website Future Supplier has discovered some photos comparing the Z4 housing to the current flagship, the Z3. The photos show the two housings next to and on top of each other. The housings are approximately the same size, with the Z4 housing being 1mm thinner, which in my opinion is not a big deal but for some reason manufacturers seem to partaking in a race with each other towards a 0mm thin phone. How about the bezels?

The sim card slot has changed sides and there is no longer a slot for a microSD card, so for those punters who prefer an SD card your choices are becoming few and far between. Maybe the manufacturers know something the SD card proponents don’t. Something regarding the reliability and complex nature of having an SD card maybe?

The microUSB port is now on the bottom of the device, and assuming that they have just not included the flaps in the housing in this early stage, the Z4 may not have the same water resistant rating as the Z3. This will also be the only way to charge the device (unless Qi/PMA wireless charging is included) as the usual Sony magnetic charging port is not included, just as it is excluded on the Sony Xperia Z4 tablet.

All in all the Z4 housing looks to be very similar to the Z3 housing so I wouldn’t be expecting a massive change in design philosophy from the 2014 flagship to 2015’s. According to Sony the phone will be released when it is ready, rather than to a determined timeline so at this rate expect it around the middle of the year.

Are you excited about the Z4 or is it just another case of a company iterating rather than innovating?

Source: Future SupplierPhoneArena.
Via: Android Authority.
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I am really disappointed that developers are jumping on the no SD boat and will be even more disappointed if Sony join them – this is one of the reasons that I’ve continued to support them. I understand the whole cloud storage argument, but while ever there are concerns about cloud security, and whilst there are still areas with inconsistent Internet service, and whilst travellers are forced to pay premiums for data when travelling thus prohibiting them from using cloud services at the time when they most need access to them, this is a frankly stupid decision. With all the… Read more »

clovis jonathan gravel

I am waiting for z4 sony rules way better quality phones than apple crap products and with 16 gb and expandable to 128 gb with microsd they rule and compatible with playstation products and remote play


did you not read the same article i just did? looks like no more expandable storage and no more ip rating, down the same crappy path as apple and now samsung WTF

Just Xperia

The MicroSD card will share the same flap with the NanoSIM card which is at the left top side of the phone.

The charging port will be waterproof just like the Xperia Z4 Tablet and it has to be dry before you plug it into a charger.


the flaps at the left side seems to long to just house the nano sim…I’m guessing the nano sim and the micro sd share the same flaps as these are the only ones that need protection from water. the exposed micro usb will definitely be waterproof-treated jist like the M4 aqua


If they are releasing another 16gb phone without expandable memory, that’s an instant no for me. 32gb minimum.


I have to agree with you mate- I keep saying surely not bu, well, we keep being let down by the manufacturers. OnePlus told us that 32GB costs manufacturers the same as 64GB (why they went with 64GB and 16GB) and yet manufacturers still make 32GB for some reason. I would love 64GB on my Nexus 6. We’ll have to wait and see what Sony do but I wouldn’t be holding your breath, all manufacturers seem hell bent on always making a phone that falls just short- someone needs to #NeverSettle 😀

charles moore

You guys are right!!!!

clovis jonathan gravel

Sony always lets you expand you fools


so did samsung, now look whats happened. if theres more money to be made selling a 128gb overpriced storage version they will do it.


Shut up and take my money!!!!


I agree