Google IO 2015
Google I/O 2015 will be held, as usual, at the Moscone Centre West conveniently located near Google’s Mountain View headquarters. From May 28-29, developers, Press and Googlers will intermingle and learn all about upcoming products from Google. If you’re wanting to attend, you can now apply to attend.

Google I/O has been an intensely hard to attend event, with Google selling out tickets within minutes at previous events, but last year they brought in a new way to attempt to buy tickets: a lottery. At this stage, you can apply to be given the opportunity to purchase a ticket for Google I/O, and it’s this entry which is now open.

If you’re successful in getting a code to attend Google I/O, you can expect to pay US$900 (US$300 for educational passes) for the privilege. To get a ticket, you must be signed into Google and fill in the registration information between now and 9pm on the 19th of March (Friday, 20 March 2015 at 3:00:00 PM AEDT).

There’s a lot more Terms and Conditions for purchasing a ticket on the Google I/O FAQ page which we recommend you take a look at before embarking on the application process. If you do get a ticket give us a yell about being a temporary Ausdroid representative at the event.

Source: Google I/O Application.
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    Caleb Johns

    Will you guys be going this year?