Xperia-Z4-Render 1
After yesterdays tease, the guys over at have leaked further press renders of the Sony Xperia Z4 in a number of different views.

The images show a familiar design with a few tweaks, including the fact that the phone now has an exposed microUSB port, with no flap or cover to be seen. Whether this lack of cover will affect the IP rating, is unclear but the IP68 rating from the Z3 was dependent on the flap being closed.

There’s not too much more to say about the design, there does appear to be only one port to insert a microSD/SIM card, but we’ll have to wait for more information to find out if Sony will continue with the microSD card slot.

Hardware wise the specs for the phone are still fairly up in the air, with rumours of FullHD and QHD resolution screens, as well as Snapdragon 810 processors. We’ll hopefully know a lot more about the Xperia Z4 soon.

Via: @onleaks.
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I wonder if it has a self cracking screen like the previous models!

Yianni soc

Z3 and Z3 Compact screens have actually faired alot better than the Z2 before it.

Yianni soc

so if these are true…
1. No Magnetic cable connector
2. Exposed USB Connector

based on that, i’m going to say water resistant, not water proof.


Talk is it has qi changing (wireless charging) so no need for the connector.

The exposed USB connector is a ‘new’ thing by sony, they just released another phone without a flap that is waterproof, this one should be the same.

Yianni soc

Qi Charging would make the Z4 a great device.
Let’s hope you’re right!


Take my money!!!!!

Stephen Crisafulli

Fingers crossed for wireless charging


no mag connector is a good sign is has wireless charging onboard!!


I hope Sony put a USB C connector on the Z4.


I don’t, I loved being able to reuse the usb cables i got with my previous HTC’s, Samsung’s, etc. for charging at work, home and car. This’ll just complicate things.


I agree about the hassle of having more cables that wind up becoming dust gatherers.
The reason I was hoping for the USB C is because it’s non directional to plug in, whereas micro USB is directional. No doubt you’ve had occasions where you’ve hurriedly gone to plug a device of yours into a charger, only to be trying to force plug in the wrong way up. USB C ends that.

TheBagging Man

Why so you can criticise it like you do everything that costs more than $200?


I flashed Lollipop on my Z2 last night and it’s visually stunning. I don’t know that the Z4 has much to offer until updates for older Z models dry up.