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We all still use SMS right? Right?? Well, for those of us who do, Google has added a new trick to the Google Messenger bag, offering users the option to reply to SMS messages from the notification.

The notifications look the same, except when expanded, you can now hit ‘Reply’ and then enter in a reply – all without actually opening up the Messenger app. Handy for when you’re in a meeting, or running and don’t want to interact with your phone a huge amount. There’s limitations – you can’t reply with an MMS – but if you need to you can always just open the full app from the shortcut.

Look out for this in the latest version of Google Messenger which is rolling out now.

Google Messages
Google Messages
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Source: Google Play.
Via: Droid-life.
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    Iain Simmons

    Good timing, now that Textra just became ad-supported/paid.

    Might give Messenger a shot again…


    Is this in hangouts?

    Daniel Tyson

    Messenger – Default SMS app.


    yes but does hangouts already do this?

    Daniel Tyson

    I don’t use Hangouts for SMS. How about you let us know?


    I just borrowed a phone and txted myself, no reply in the notifies shade.


    About time! Good feature!