The OnePlus One has been quite the visible new-entrant into the smartphone market over the last 12 months or more. Once in the market place though, issues with the touchscreen began to be reported by a number of users. OnePlus has issued a number of fixes over the last 12 months, with a pretty high success rate, but not everyone is happy and OnePlus wants the issue laid to rest once and for all.

Speaking on the OnePlus forum, company founder, Carl Pei has advised that they are working with hardware supplier Synaptics, the company who supplies the hardware interface for touch on the OnePlus One, to deliver a final firmware update that will finally fix this issue.

Mr Pei took pains to mention warranty for the handset, telling owners if they’re not happy to contact the OnePlus support team – even if they have had unsatisfactory interactions previously. It’s this line which indicates that OnePlus may have taken another look at the issues and may be changing their position on returns – though nothing has actually been announced.

If you’ve had issues with your OnePlus One touchscreen, and still want to wait, the firmware update should be with you soon enough. If you’ve had enough, contact OnePlus customer support and see if they are willing to do anything for you.

Source: OnePlus Forums.
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Damien Xenos

Had no issues with phantom touches on Kk. Now that I upgraded to Lollipop I have issues all the time. Really annoying. And battery life whilst still a days heavy use is not the 2-3 days it was on 33r. Maybe I should try Oxygen OS

Darren Ferguson

I’d be incredibly wary purchasing something from these guys. Still not got the touch screen working for everyone after a year? It’s the only way to interact with your device besides powering it on/off and volume…