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The Nexus 6 is supposedly Google’s flagship at the moment, setting the standard for what Android should look like today. It’s a little dated, and not universally liked, which might explain why the Nexus 6 was a little slow to receive the latest update to Android 5.1.1. However, the update is now appearing on devices around the world and in usual Android community form, the update is available for anyone who can’t wait for the OTA, to freely download and flash onto their device.

XDA Member Xoo00o0o0o has kindly posted the 126MB OTA file to the forums which you can now grab at your leisure to update your device.

It’s a beautiful thing for Android users that we’re able to grab these files and publish them for others to share the update glory, if you’re lucky enough to get an update early make sure you share the love around.

Are you patient enough to wait for the OTA, or will you be grabbing the update via the XDA forums?

Source: XDA Developers Forum.
Via: Reddit.
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Hopefully this build can fix the WiFi ! problem for my nexus 6.


I’ve been using TeamUB (CM based) with 5.1.1 on my G3 and M8 for weeks, and it’s even the latest 5.1.1 r3. It’s a sad state of affairs when the latest Nexus handset isn’t the first to receive the update. It was the same with the N9.


Note that this build is specific to T-Mobile carrier in the US. This OTA will not install on stock Australian Nexus 6 build. A more generic worldwide version is due very soon.