Woolworths is re-launching its mobile service, Woolworths Mobile, with the supermarket giant and Telstra announcing a partnership overnight.

The new partnership comes after Woolworths original Mobile network was closed down in October 2013 and users were moved to Optus. With Telstra, the supermarket giant is able to utilise Telstra’s 3G network on the 850MHz and 2100MHz spectrum for high speed downloads, covering at least 98.5% of the Australian population.

Telstra Wholesale Group Executive, Stuart Lee, has said that the agreement has brought together two great Australian companies and would initially be focused on providing mobile services using parts of Telstra’s 3G network:

“We are very excited to be working with a leading Australian company like Woolworths. We see this relationship as an important development in the continued evolution of Telstra’s wholesale business” Lee said in the press release whilst continuing to say that “Our wholesale product gives companies like Woolworths that want to operate as virtual network operators the network access and operating platform they need to offer mobile services direct to retail customers.”

Woolworths’ Head of Telecommunications, Jason Hair, has said:

“This relationship is the first step for Woolworths on the road to delivering a straightforward, high quality and value-driven service for our customers. We look forward to providing more details on our offer in the coming weeks.”

Neither company has stated when the new mobile network will launch, but as Jason Hair has said that both companies expect to make their offerings known in the coming weeks ahead.

Would you consider joining and using Woolworths Mobile? Do you think Woolies and Telstra have made the right move? Let us know your thoughts below.

Source: Telstra Newsroom.
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Woolworths and Telstra seem to be very careful on giving any start date on this relationship together, I wish Woolworths would give some pricing on there new deal.

Caleb Johns

Wonder how long it will last this time


If it’s a better deal than boost I’ll happily switch 🙂


Apparently, Telstra is opening up its 4G network to providers by June 2016 at the latest. No doubt the prices will increase, but they’d have to be good deals to beat Telstra prepaid. I imagine that some providers will stick with Telstra 3G.