The development lab responsible for the popular “to do” app Wunderlist, 6Wunderkinder has been purchased by Microsoft for an amount reported to be between US$100 Million and US$200 Million. The acquisition fits in line with the recent show from Microsoft to support multiple platforms.

According to the Wall Street Journal (NB subscription required) the deal doesn’t change much in the short term, they’ll continue to call Germany home but the reporting channel for the developers will now be through Microsoft HQ in the USA.

With deals being struck to install Office on selected tablets, Cortana coming to Android soon and earlier this year Office for Android being available to everyone it’s clear that Microsoft are making a very strong push into the Mobile Operating System arena.

Despite the strength of products such as Google Docs and Evernote, will Microsofts push with Office for Android and recent acquisitions help them remain one of the powerhouses of computing?

Source: Wall Street Journal.