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Since the launch of the HTC One M9 back in March, there’s been quite a kerfuffle over the supposed ‘disappointing’ camera. The phone performed quite nicely in our review, but it seems HTC isn’t resting on their laurels. In their latest software update for the phone, they’re aiming to make a good camera even better, and as a bonus they’re aiming at making the battery life better too.

Announced as a global release, the software update has so far been rolled out to the Asian and European markets so far, though we imagine Australia won’t be too far away. The update addresses those two key features, with a full list of improvements including:


  • Greater auto-exposure balance algorithm to improve overall dynamic range, so images appear more detailed and balanced, especially in bright light conditions
  • Additional improvements for pictures taken in low light, so images are clearer, detail is more apparent, and colors appear truer to life

Battery Life & Charging

  • Overall improvements to battery life, which reduce power consumption by YouTube, Facebook, and other popular social apps like Skype and Google Hangouts, so you can watch more videos or have video chats with your loved ones for longer periods of time
  • Improved smart charging, so your phone stays cooler while it’s being charged

So far only Vodafone Australia mentions any software updates for the M9, though this doesn’t appear to be the release that HTC is talking about. Optus and Telstra have no listing on their software update pages as yet, but we can’t imagine an update of this magnitude will be left behind for very long.

We’re attempting to get the update now and will of course be doing a camera re-test once it’s taken effect.

Source: HTC.
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David Hall

Nothing from Optus yet. I look forward to it. Hopefully there’s a noticeable difference.