The Australian launch of the Moto E gen 2 is under way, and just as they did in the US back in February, they’re sending media these neat packaged review units.

The review unit box comes with a Moto E inside, and when unpacked it opens into a neat theatre like you’d see at an actual press launch, with CEO Rick Osterloh standing on-stage showing off the screen which in this case is the Moto E gen 2 (or 2015, whatever you want to call it).

The phone is the latest and greatest from Motorola in their budget line, offering many improvements over the original, including that all important ‘Selfie’ camera and LTE.

But it’s the LTE side of things which has caused a little bit of confusion, thanks in part to retailer Dick Smith. Dick Smith has the Moto E Gen 2 listed on their website and has done a fairly ordinary job with their spec list. Dick Smith is advising that the Moto E Gen 2 will support 4G LTE 700/1700/1900/2100MHz – this is incorrect.

After David, one of our readers, attempted to clarify what bands were supported, we thought we’d ask Motorola exactly which LTE bands the phone will support, and basically which model is it?

The Moto E Gen 2 is the Motorola XT1521 – which supports a pretty good array of LTE bands here in Australia:

FDD LTE B1 (2100MHz)/ 3 (1800MHz)/ 7 (2600MHz)/ 28 (700MHz) as well as TD LTE Band 40 (2300MHz)

This band coverage effectively covers the Telstra and Optus ranges pretty comprehensively and offers basic Vodafone coverage on the 1800Mhz network, but won’t unfortunately use their re-farmed 850MHz LTE network.

So, there you have it. We have the Moto E Gen 2 on the test bench and we’ll be giving it the once-over for a full review. If you have questions in the meantime, feel free to comment below or shoot them through to us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

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More than 4 months after launch, Moto FINALLY deign to permit Australia legit access to their current bottom of the range model.
We still have yet to see either version of the 4G Moto G 2014, which went live late last year.

Marné Prinsloo

I just bought the Moto G 2nd Gen 🙁 no LTE.


Now where’s the Moto G – 2015??