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Google wants you to have a nice family night in. Google Play Movies & TV is offering a free rental of the 2005 movie Tom and Jerry: The Fast and the Furry.

The 74-minute movie, stars a great selection of voice talent including Futurama alumni John DiMaggio and Billy West, as well as Pinky and the Brain voice talents Rob Paulsen and Jess Harnell. The movie synopsis:

Tom and Jerry enter the “Super Race,” an extreme reality show in which the contestants compete in an all-terrain car race around the world, to win the grand prize of an ultra dream mansion! They compete against a hot rod Granny and her unusual dog, a super genius who has tough luck, a soccer mom with a tricked out mini-van, and many other crazy characters. The fun and chase is on, as cat and mouse topple the Eiffel Tower, crack the Great Wall of China and re-face Mount Rushmore as they battle for the ultimate prize!

The Google Play Movie Rental is worth $4.99 in HD and you can watch it in your web browser or on supported phones & tablets, or of course Chromecast it. Your rental period lasts for 30 days, with a 48 hour finish period (you have that long to finish it once you start).

Head on over to Google Play Movies & TV and claim your free rental now.

Source: Google Play Movies & TV.
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    Darren Ferguson

    Can you only watch something through once or is it unlimited viewings in the 48 hour period?