Lovers of Game streaming service Twitch got a bit of an update over the weekend, which has given the app a new way to appreciate game streams.

Watching other people play computer games isn’t everyones idea of a good time, but don’t knock it – eSports is a growing industry. Game streaming has multiple applications, if you’re new to a game, or know who (ie. the pros) to watch you can actually learn a lot an develop your game play very quickly by watching some streams.

Twitch has been quite pro-active about launching new features in their app, introducing chat mentions the the app at the start of May this year, as well as Chromecast support in September last year.

This most recent update dropped over the weekend include a ‘pop-out’ which is an always on top mini viewer for the stream that you’re currently enjoying. The pop out works in landscape or portrait on tablets, but if you’re watching a stream via your mobile phone it will only work reliably in landscape (you won’t see the whole screen in portrait).

twitch popout

Twitch currently is the platform of choice for game streaming, something which attracted Amazon who purchased the company in August last year. Twitch has a significant user base, with around 1.5 million broadcasters and 100 million visitors per month. Twitch is looking to retain their user base in the face of the recent introduction of YouTube Gaming, a large potential threat to their market.

The app update which includes the pop-out video player, is available from Google Play right now, and we look forward to seeing what other features Twitch will add over the coming months as competition heats up.

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Source: Play Store.