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One thing I have never thought that I must have was a YouTube app for my Android Wear watch. Why you would want to view a 16:9 video on a circular (mine is circular) watch is beyond me, especially when most likely your phone is nearby. Well, as is often the case there is an app for everyone. If you do in fact want to surf YouTube from your Android Wear watch you now can via an app called “Video for Android Wear&YouTube“.

With the advent of wifi on Android Wear there is no need for your phone to be nearby when using this app. Just open the app on your watch, use voice commands to search for something and then scroll through the results. You can also scroll through the front page of YouTube as you would normally on the website/app. Of course, without any speakers built into the Android Wear devices just yet you will need to Chromecast the sound to a Chromecast device using the built-in Chromecast functionality, or better still use Bluetooth to send the sound to a paired Bluetooth headset.


Although the Play Store has some reviews stating the app is not compatible with certain devices the developer insists that it will work on all Android Wear watches. It did work on my LG G Watch R and the video is amazingly small, but it works and is there. You can decide which of your channels can be viewed from your Android Wear watch through the app on your phone but that will cost you an in-app purchase of $2.99US (AU$3.63).

I am sure someone out there has a use case for it even if I don’t. Do you?

Video Player for YouTube on We
Video Player for YouTube on We
Developer: appfour
Price: Free
Source: Video For Android Wear&YouTube.
Via: Android Police.
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    vijay alapati

    will there be a audio if connected to bluetooth? i use my wear at gym, if the watch has proper youtube app then i should be able to cast the video i liked to the android tv at my gym 🙂


    Why on such a small screen …


    Can’t understand whta’s for to release YouTube app for Android wear. Weird

    Tony Soprano

    I can’t understand your sentence.


    Youtube on Android wear is useless. That’s all