G4-Brown-Black-Standing-EditLG’s G4 officially goes on sale today, with pre-orders drawing to a close, and would-be G4 owners can get their hands on LG’s latest from a number of carriers (but not all) as well as a number of traditional retail outlets.


Both Telstra and Optus are ranging the G4 on their current plans, but Vodafone are not.

Telstra’s plans including the G4 start at $75 a month, including 1GB of data, $550 worth of talk and text, as well as a free Presto subscription for six months, or a twelve month pass for AFL or NRL digital viewing.  Telstra’s plans go all the way through to $135, which gives you a whopping 10GB of data, unlimited talk and text, as well as the aforementioned digital offers. Their plans are set out below in full.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 10.43.42 AM

Optus’ plans start at a slightly lower entry point, but with fewer inclusions, though overall the value is roughly the same. Their entry level plan for the G4 is $61 per month, which includes unlimited standard national calls and SMS, and 500MB of data. There’s no perks advertised on these plans. Optus’ top G4 plan is $100 per month, with unlimited national calls, 300 international minutes, 10GB data and unlimited SMS/MMS.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 10.46.02 AM

Vodafone is the surprise omission here; we’ve been told that they’re not ranging the handset, and we understand that there’s a number of reasons behind this decision. Sadly, though, if you’re looking to sign up with Vodafone, or if you’re looking for a new G4 on a plan, you won’t be doing both in the same place.

Retail stores

At this stage, we’re aware of the G4 being on sale at Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi, and the pricing is about the same between each; the plastic-backed model starts at $877 and the leather backed model (which comes with a plastic back in the box, just in case) at $926.

There are a number of online retailers selling the handset as well, too many really to write about, but their pricing ranges significantly. If you’re looking for an outright purchase, you might be well advised to buy online with big savings to be found.

For example, Expansys are offering the LG G4 starting at $759 for the black or brown coloured 32GB LTE version of the device, and it’s the same model that’s sold in Australia.

Have you seen a better deal on the LG G4 than this? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Got mine today from a telstra store! I asked for the brown leather and gold/copper metal combo, but was given a silver metal model with brown back. I didn’t say anything cause ideally that’s what I had wanted but didn’t think it was an option.

    I really love it so far, feels nice and warm in the hand and the camera is as good as I’d hoped. The OIS 2.0 is fantastic and has saved me, as I have developed uncontrollable tremors/shakes from a medicine I’ve recently been put on (epilepsy), and basically couldn’t take focused shots on anything.