If you’ve got the Android M Developer preview on your Nexus device you (hopefully) are accepting of the failings of an early build. On Friday in the small hours Aussie time, the first update dropped to the preview with images being posted on the Google Developers site.

But if you can’t be bothered (or don’t have time) to download and manually install the first update to the Developer Preview of Android M? Well now the OTA updates have begun landing on devices, some discerning tipsters have snagged and sent the links through and here they are:

Once you’ve downloaded the image you can either sideload it or update from recovery on your device, quick and easy.

If you’re giving the Developer preview a crack; what has been troublesome for you on the first build that you’re hoping to see an update for?

Thanks: Mark and Alex for links.
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If you want a guide on how to apply the OTA update, google “guide-how-to-use-adb-sideload-to-update-a-nexus-without-root-or-custom-recovery” droid-life has a nice guide.

Urgh tried a copy and paste the info as I know I can post links here without them going into no mans land, looks like that is also a no no too.

Daniel Tyson

Or you could you know check out our guide


Well if only that was linked in the article ๐Ÿ˜‰