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Huawei has a new phone coming out, called the Huawei Mate M8 – they dropped the Ascend branding – which will most likely launch at IFA in early September. The phone has been leaked overnight and is looking fine in this brief, low-res, hands-on video from Steve Hemmerstoffer from

The video shows a handset with Miahen branding – but Huawei does sometimes have pre-release models of their phones with non-Huawei branding, so this is nothing new. The phone looks great, but a little different to the Mate M7 which launched here last year (the flash has switched sides) but that rear mounted fingerprint sensor looks the same – and it reportedly worked really well.

Spec wise, we obviously don’t know what will be inside, but logic suggest we’ll see a Huawei made Kirin processor either the 930 or 950 and either 3GB or even 4GB of RAM. With a 6″ screen, the phone will be big, but Huawei are looking to apparently include their first QHD 2560×1440 resolution display on the Mate M8. A 16 or 20MP camera could do well and with the size, we should see a massive battery comparable to that included in the Mate M7 included in the M8.

If all that sounds nice, there’s talk that the Mate M8 could be the basis of the rumoured Huawei Nexus that could be released later this year.

We’re hoping to see the Huawei launch as it goes out live in Berlin, and we’ll be sure to get some hands-on time with the phone if it’s launched.

Source: @onleaks.
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MIAHEN — HUAWEI upside down and re-arranged a bit. Cute.

Phill Edwards

Too big. Shame it’s not 5.2″ or max 5.5″.



Michael Manning

I’ve been living with the Mate 7 as my daily driver for a few months now and the finger print scanner is the best that I have ever used. Perfectly positioned and works 99% of the time first try.
Some might not like the physical size, but the coupled with the battery it has almost negated the use of my tablet.