The OnePlus invite system, whether you love it, hate it (or hack it) is here to stay. With more than a million people in line for an invite, there’s also a lot of competition to get your hands on one – so how much would you pay to be one of the first? That’s what OnePlus is aiming to find out, and they’re going to let you support the UNICEF Tap Project by bidding.

The UNICEF Tap Project, helps to bring clean, safe water to underprivileged children around the world. It’s that easy and no-one can argue is a bad cause. There’s more information about the project on the UNICEF website, but the bottom line is that all proceeds from the auction will benefit the UNICEF Tap Project.

Invites are currently up in the OnePlus official eBay store – 50 of them to be exact – and they’re all for the opportunity to purchase a 64GB Sandstone Black OnePlus 2, with invites being sent to your email address on August 10, after you win the auction of course.

The bidding is going well, despite the auction only just gong live a little while ago. The cheapest (for now) will set you back US$171.50 while the highest priced auction is going for US$405.

You will still need to forward any OnePlus 2 you purchase on to Australia, with the company still not shipping directly here. You will need to look at LTE band support to work out which is the best place to purchase your OnePlus 2 from as well, as the US and European/Indian versions do differ.

If you’re REALLY keen to get your hands on a OnePlus 2, head over to the OnePlus eBay store and start bidding.

Source: OnePlus.