The Stagefright vulnerability has caused a major stir in Android circles. Both Google and Samsung have advised they will be working to release monthly security patches for devices in response to the major flaw. Nexus devices will begin receiving updates to fix the flaw from yesterday and fixes from other vendors are currently in testing – but Google has advised more is coming.

According to who attended the BlackHat conference where the Stagefright vulnerability was being presented, noted that:

Google promised during Black Hat that many devices, including Samsung, HTC, LG and Sony, this month will get an update. A complete list of devices that are patched, however, there is not. They will therefore probably to go flagships and newer phones.


The list of devices includes:

Google Samsung HTC Sony LG
Nexus 4 Galaxy S6 One M9 Xperia Z4 G4
Nexus 5 Galaxy S6 Edge One M8 Xperia Z3 G3
Nexus 6 Galaxy S5 One M7 Xperia Z3 Compact G2
Nexus 7 (V2/2013) Galaxy S4 Xperoa Z2
Nexus 9 Galaxy S3
Nexus 10 Note 4
Note 4 Edge
Note 3

And Hundreds More…

For devices on carrier contracts, they will require testing before being released, a process which appears to be underway – at least on Telstra. We’ve reached out to Optus and Vodafone for more information on their update schedule for Stagefright updates.

Source: Tweakers.
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    I have a note 4 and it hasn’t received a software update yet. The lookout stagefright detector shows it’s still vulnerable.

    I have already turned off MMS auto retrieve but that’s hardly the point.

    Greg Eden

    Turn off autoplay in MMS and wait.


    Jesus. This is a pretty bad flaw. :/